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医学・医療 翻訳例 ヒーリング






Each and every human being has a unique pathway in life, and the healing properties, of each and every flower, is also unique. Each flower represents a particular type of journey that an individual can take, a positive outcome of expanded consciousness. This positive journey inherently indicates where a negative journey has gone in the wrong direction, away from the fulfilment of happiness for the person. In this way the flower healing properties show how people can positively handle challenges and obstacles to their happiness. They also teach basic human values on many levels.

The exercises in this section are also designed as a preparation for you as a therapist to further develop non biased appreciation of basic human conditions and values. Through the exercises you can evaluate a range of opinions on various human values and assess how easy it is to misunderstand a person according to communication difficulties or personal biases.

The programme for studying the first 88 wildflowers' healing properties consists of grouping the flowers by colour to help the first approach be meaningful and give a basis for working with the many healing attributes. It also gives an understanding of Chroma Classification (colour value) as used for diagnosis.

As you have learned with the last lesson of the spirit of the Rainbow Serpent, colours can be seen as the reflection of the different aspects of consciousness. In human beings this applies to their inner make up. The aura of a person, as seen by those who perceive the colours emanating on a subtle level, can be said to be a reflection of the combined streams of the person's consciousness and thought forms within that consciousness. In this, as with all deeper aspects of life, humanity is truly one family, internally producing the same colours for the same expressions of the mind regardless of sex, race or creed.

In every day life, a person's response to specific colours, either by attraction or repulsion, indicates the prevalent state of that person's mind. You may remember colours you loved when you were at different ages, they have probably changed now, though some may remain favourites. Such information can tell you about the prevalent states your mind enjoyed or was burdened with at different times. Have you ever bought a piece of clothing that so attracted you with its colour only to find you couldn't wear it again? This was probably because the day you bought that piece of clothing your mind state was in an unusual mood, not a common one for you, so later the clothing felt uncomfortable to put on, didn't feel, like “you". You ask yourself "why did I buy that?"

Colour and its reflecting moods or states of mind are used to create emotional landscapes and evoke responses in the visual and performing arts, to give expression of cultural values in society and are even used to prompt us to respond subconsciously to advertising and promotional material. Colour then becomes a way of communicating values. The painter uses a deep blue in a pond to create an atmosphere of contemplation and reflection, the dancer wears flaming red in a passionate and exuberant dance piece, a European wedding is white for purity while in India it is the widow who wears white for purity.











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